Road to Hana

A spectacular drive that follows Mauis east coast winding through its almost flourescent green tropical forests. Dramatic overlooks of the coast and hidden waterfalls await you around every turn of this curvy route which eventually brings you to the town of Hana.

The almost 2 hour one way drive can be slightly challenging due to road conditons and traffic but there is truely nothing else like it in the world. Many waterfalls dot the winding route one of the first is named as Twin Falls found at the 2 mile mark on Hwy 360. ( The Hana Highway turns into Hwy 360 and mile markers reset to 0 A short hike from a parking area will bring you to its base.

Farther down the road you can find even more impressive falls between the 10 and 12 mile makers known respectively as Waikamoi Falls, Puohokamoa Falls and Haipuaena Falls. The last one is accesible for swimming depending on the rainfall and time of the year.

Many other various parks,hikes and interesting businesses line the remaining path to Hana and detailed maps are avaialble for purchase which will greatly aid you if you wish to explore it more throughly. Once you arrive in Hana you will find a sleepy town et next to Hana Bay a black sand beach which is popular with the locals.

Traveling south past Hana you will eventually enter the Kipahulu are which showcases the impressive Seven Sacred Pools. Further south from there the road becomes significantly more chanllenging and circling the island is feat that your shore to remember for the rest of your life. Dirt cliffside single lane roads will test your nerve as you attempt to reach Maui's far south coast. Weather and storms have historically cut this area off completley at times and you should always check if the way is passable before beggining this journey.
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