Haleakala National Park

Rising over ten thousand feet Haleakala is a focal point of Maui's landscape. This dormant volcano exhibits a another side to Maui's diverse landscape. Miles of dry multicolored basins and craters will almost give you the feeling you have bee transported to another planet.

There are two entrances to the park the most popular being located is accessed driving southeast from Kahului on Rt 377 while the other is located on the south side of the island past Hana. There is no road which connects these two entrances and the Hana entrance only provides access to the summit through extensive hiking.

The park opens early and stays open late to accomodate visitors who wish to experience sunrises, sunsets and the phenomenal star gazing from the summit. Clouds often obscure views as the day progresses but on clear days the islands of Oahu, Lanai, Molokai as well as the big island are easily possilbe.

The temperature at the summit can reach levels which are downright chilly for Hawaii and the wind is capable of very high speeds at times. Besides the incredible panoramic views the mountains hosts a species of plant known as the silversword which is only found at this location. Many other native species of plant and bird life can be found by hiking through the parks extensive trail system.

Haleakala is park of the National Park system and there is an admission charge per car load. If you plan on visiting the Big Island as well during your trip it is well worth it to purchase a pass which will be valid at other National park sites as well.
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