Napili Bay

Some of the best snorkeling on the west side of Maui can be found at Napili Bay. Its sheltered geography makes it an ideal location for families to swim and relax on this golden crescent beach.

This area is slightly over run by condos making access and parking at the beach slightly difficult for first time visitors to the area. Check all nearbly signs carefully to avoid a ticket or possible tow in this area.

Nearby beach areas just north of Napili such as Kapalua are also good alternatives for swimming and snorkeling. This area is famous for its upscale golf resorts and hotels such as the Ritz Carlton.

Within the area there are also some worthwhile free activities and sights. The Kapalua Resort Trails link a large section of the western Maui coastline with ridge hiking trails. More information can be found at the Kapalua Adventure Center.

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