Ahihi Kinau Natural Reserve

Driving south past the popular destinations of Wailea and Makena Beach you will come upon an area that is know for its pristine underwater beauty. Ahihi Kinau is a collection of ancient submerged lava rock formations which have created spectacular underwater reef formations.

To access the preserve there are two main areas where people enter the water. The first is often crowded and good parking is usually difficult to find but access to the water is easier for children and the elderly. The second is located further down the road with ample parking but with a slightly more difficult entrance into the water.

If you chose the first entrance swim out the left of the cove and if you chose the second access swim to the right as you enter the water avoiding the area closest to the shore. Basic facilites (outhouses) are availble at the second parking area and no snorkel rentals or food are availble in the immediate area.

The preserve is an excellent place observe untouched reefs, many types of fish, sea turtles and the occassional small reef shark. Giant boulders and arches of reef are spread througout the slightly deeper areas of the preserve and currents are often mild to non existent. Regardless of conditions it is always advised to stay within the safe range of a partner.

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