Makena Beach

Makena Beach State Park has a collection of some of the most undisturbed beaches in Maui. The absence of developement has left this area with a natural feel but is still frequented by both locals and tourists.

The beach area is composed of a two main areas respectively known as Big and Little Beach. Big Beach is easily accessed from any one of of the many parking areas while Little Beach is reached by a hiking over a outcropping on the very north end of the park.

The wide expanse of sand here leaves plenty of room for relaxation and activities. The water is good for swimming when the conditions are calm but have been known to be dangerous during periods of higher swells.

Little Beach is most famously know for its history a haven for the Hippy movement during the 60's. More recently it has become a well know meeting place for gay couples and nude sunbathers although the practice is officially illegal.

Very basic facilites are now available at almost all the parking areas in the park and continuing improvements are planned in coming years. Although safer then in years past the parks relative seclusion still makes it a common target of car break-ins.

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