South Point

A trip down South Point road found off Highway 11 will bring you through a landscape of desolate lava fields and eventually to the ocean. This area known as Ka Lae is officially the most southern point in the United States.

Large cliffs overlooking an endless ocean with whipping winds at your back will give you the sensation of standing on the end of the world. It is also commonly beleived that some of the first Hawaiian settlers made landfall at this point and a majority of the land here is controlled by the Hawaiian Home Lands.

The area is a popular fishing ground for locals and evidence of large scale operations can be seen in the form of boat hoisting platforms, ladders and canoe moorings.

A large hole found in close proximity to the cliff ushers in water in from the ocean. Locals can sometimes be seen jumping down the hole and then being swept into the ocean or scaling back up its sides. Others will take a running jump directly off the cliffs and utilize the an old fishing ladder to ascend back up the cliffs. Depending on the ocean conditions, tides and winds this endeavor can prove very dangerouns if not fatal for the inexperienced.

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