Rainbow Falls

This impressive waterfall is located within minutes of Hilo and is easy accesible for anyone wishing to view its spectacular cascades.

The 85 foot plus drop is feed by two seperate flows of water which conceal a large cave outcropping. In the right light conditions mist like rainbows can be seen dancing around its waters. A small trail is leads to the pools edge but the path can prove difficult for the elderly and small children.

Boiling Pots

A very short drive up the road from Rainbow Falls lies Boiling Pots and Pe'epe'e Falls. This series of smaller waterfalls cascades down an obstacle course of rocks creating swirling whirlpools and waters that appear to be at a rolling boil.

Paths are visible to the waters edge but are not advisible to be followed by the visiting tourist. Drownings have occured here multiple times and the turbulent pools are also connected by underground tubes posing an even greater threat to the uninformed swimmer.

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