Waimanalo Beach Park, Oahu

A short drive off the Pali Highway lies this beautiful state park. Spend an afternoon on these secluded beaches with large stretches of white sand and palm trees. The park includes picnic tables, showers and free parking.

Although the waters here are mostly swimmer friendly, strong waves can break on shore if conditions are right. Beaches on Oahu are almost always marked with signs when conditions like these are present.

Waimanalo is also a good break for begginer to mid-level bodyboarders. Small fast sections can be seen up and down the beach.

Waimanalo Beach Park

Always excercise caution when swimming in new waters and dont be afraid to ask fellow beach-goers for advice. Kona (southern) winds have also been know to sweep jellyfish into this area. If you are stung go immediately to the lifeguard for vinegar spray to counteract the effects of the stinging tentacles.

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