Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is composed of mulitiple locations that visitors can experience to learn more the events of December 7th, 1941.

Arizona Memorial
Perhaps the most visited section of Pearl Harbor this memorial marks the location of the battleship USS Arizona which was sunk by the Japanese during the raid. A small section of the ship remains positioned above the water and visitors can clearly view the ships submerged remains from the observation deck.

USS Missouri
The second most popular site includes a tour of the battleship USS Missouri where in 1945 the Japanese surrendered upon its decks.

Pacific Aviation Museum
The most recent addition to Pearl Harbor includes multiple hangers of WWII era aircraft located on nearby Ford Island. The extensive collection showcases both restored Japanese an American aircraft along with the stories behind them.

USS Bowfin Submarine
This submarine anchored directly off the harbor has tours availble for those wishing to learn more about the operations and involvement of submarines during World War II.

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