Laie Falls

Located on the north-east side of Oahu this hike offers sweeping views of of the mountains and oceans. The trailhead is located on an obscure residentail/farming road so be respectful where you park. The total round trip time to the falls is approxiametly 3 to 4 hours depending on the pace.

Pay close attention to the map and trail markers as it can be easy to get turned around during certain parts of the hike. An alternative hike to the summit of the mountain range is also availble but is considerably more difficult and lengthy. The falls hike is intermediate difficulty will the summit should only be reserved for advanced hikers whoa are adequately equipped for a full days hike.

Laie Falls, Oahu

The trail to the falls winds through various terrains including exposed ridges, pine forests, and bamboo forest lined cliffs. Certain areas can be quite steep and proper footwear is reccomended for safety and comfort.

The path to falls is marked by a sharp right turn onto a precipice followed by a narrow walkway lined with guide ropes. Traveling down into the lush gulch you should be able to hear the running water from the falls. Depending on the time of season the falls can be anything from a trickle to a cascade. The pool is more then adequate to swim in and is both cool and refreshing after the long hike.

Apples and papaya fruit can easily be spotted and picked throughout the trail. Always remember to pack adequate water and notify someone on your hiking plans for the day.

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